Stocks & Securities

Some people choose to support CASA for Children of Monmouth County by donating gifts of securities. In addition to providing us with the crucial financial support needed to make a difference in the lives of abused children, you can save on capital gains taxation of appreciated securities. You can donate securities by transferring stock certificates or stock held through a broker.

The benefits available to you when making a charitable contribution of stock or mutual funds may include: *Avoiding federal and state tax on the capital gain; *Receiving an income tax deduction (federal and most states) for the full market value of the gift if you itemize deductions on your tax return and have held the assets one year or longer; *Making a larger gift at a lower original cost to you.


Stock Held Through Your Broker

Most brokerage firms will require a letter of intent from you to request an electronic transfer of shares to  CASA of Monmouth County. When doing so, you can provide the following account information to them or have them call our office for the information: 732-460-9100 x1014

Account Information

CASA’s account for receiving donated securities is managed by RBC Wealth Management.

Account Manager:
RBC Wealth Management
The Totland Group
328 Newman Springs Rd., Suite 380
Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone: 732-576-4629
Fax: 732-576-460
Contact: Christine LaSpina

Before transferring any securities, please ask your broker to contact Laure Ray at the above number, referencing  CASA’s tax ID number: 83-0410778. And to ensure that your gift is properly accounted for, please also notify  CASA staff, at or 732-460-9100.


stock certificates

To transfer stock certificates, you will need a stock power for each certificate that you plan to donate. These stock powers need to be signature guaranteed—simply go to your local bank or broker and have them witness your signature. They will stamp it accordingly. After you have signed the powers (do not sign the back of the certificates), mail the certificate(s) in one envelope and the signed stock powers with the signature guarantee in a separate envelope. Mail the two envelopes to:

CASA for Children of Monmouth County
Attn: Gifts of Stock
400 Rte. 34, 2nd floor
Colts Neck, NJ 07722

NOTE: To ensure the arrival of your gift, we recommend that the stock certificate(s) be sent by certified mail with return receipt requested.

Thank you for considering a donation of securities to CASA for Children of Monmouth county