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The Crisis

Every day, more children are becoming victims of the devastating opioid epidemic sweeping across the United States. Over the last five years, the number of children in foster care nationwide has risen 8 percent, a rise that public health officials increasingly attribute to the growing use of opioids. While lawmakers, public officials, and the media focus on the public health crisis, our job is to stand for the children. Every child impacted by the opioid crisis deserves the support of a caring, consistent and highly trained volunteer during the toughest time in their life.


CASA volunteers provide much needed relief to our overburdened court system while ensuring that a child affected by parental opioid abuse does not have to face the future alone. Our highly trained volunteers often have a caseload of one—one child or group of siblings—which allows them to devote the personal attention necessary to truly understand the circumstances and find the best solution possible for each child.


CASA programs are critical in the fight against opioid abuse and provide a significant return-on-investment for local communities dealing with this crisis. However, new volunteers are desperately needed. If you aren’t able to volunteer, you can support us by donating money or telling others about the need.